Field, computer, and laboratory skills and facilities

I have research experience and interests in basin analysis, U-Th/He thermochronology (apatite & zircon), zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotope analysis, Ar/Ar thermochronology, carbonate stable oxygen and carbon isotope analysis, compound-specific isotope analysis on n-alkanes, and terrestrial temperature and sea surface temperature proxy analysis. I collect all those skills into a toolkit to study tectonic uplift, climate changes, ecology evolution, multi-sphere interactions, and biogeochemistry processes (biosynthesis processes and isotope effect).

FIELD SKILLS (field observations, data collection and sampling, ……)


Preparation labs

Soxhlet extraction facilities hold in an 8′-wide fume hood, oven, bench top work space, ……
Gas cylinders, liquid nitrogen dewars sustaining the evaporation system, 3′-wide hume hood, GC-FID, ……

COMPUTER SKILLS (I welcome new techniques and I am keen to learn them. It can be seen in my research the components of computer skills from MatLab, ArcGIS, and Python – image processing, data compilation, processing, and plotting for understanding systematic trends,… Attached are logos for python, ArcGIS, Matlab, and an example plot to show the spatial-temporal evolution of Indus sediments with mixing modeling.)

SKILLS LEARNED AT UCSC (fine work under microscope; for work with instrument please see the attached link for Hourigan’s Geochronology laboratory and Stable Isotope Laboratory

LAB EXPERIENCE (as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Yani Najman)
I have worked and learned with great pleasure the knowledge, skills, and instrumentation of fission track analysis, detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotope analysis, Ar/Ar geochronology, and Sr/Nd isotopes from following laboratories:
Andy Carter‘s lab at UCL Geochronology Center in London,
Ian Millar‘s Geochemistry and Geochronology Laboratories at British Geological Survey at Nottingham,
Jan Wijbran‘s Argon Geochronology Laboratory at VU University at Amsterdam (The Netherlands),
Geochemistry Laboratory at UJF in Grenoble of France (I was hosted by Dr. Stéphane Guillot & Dr. Catherine Chauvel).
CRPG-CNRS in Nancy of France.
Following are the links to these nice laboratories and institutes.


BUT, field work is also rewarding!